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The Fishbowl @ the Frear
Caroline, or, Change @ the Arden
Low & Loney, Dear. @ 1UC

Saturday, September 14

isn't this a lovely day to be caught in the rain? i thought it would be, and it was for a short while, when, about an hour ago, the performance in the ampitheatre was forced to disperse and i fled to lang. as i practiced my chopin and pischna, i thought of all the things to do if i couldn't leave lang because of the rain; and i started composing a letter in my head to write to rebecca. all the things i can tell her that i can't or don't tell you.

but it had stopped raining when i was done practicing, so i just took some music from underhill and came here to mccabe. it looks like it might be raining again now, but that's probably an illusion. it's still nice and warm outside (almost too cold in here) - i heard david mr. saying to his tour group this morning: "ugh. i feel like i'm drowning."

the performance, working backward, see, was a commedia play called "king stag," put on by i'm not sure who, and attended by a bunch of families with small children, and the stolen chair people, and maybe one or two other swatties besides me. marc had said they would be combining experimental, lecoq type techniques with childrens theatre, but it didn't seem very experimental to me. very entertaining though, and it was disappointing when it had to stop.

i read four articles for d+s this morning, lastly a benjamin piece that i got through most of whilst drinking a glass of orange juice behind sharples (she walked by and made a face at me), and the rest of after the first playsite game i've played in a while (my opponent conceded after i had a 150-pt. lead, including a fun play of WINDY to make PEW and EXILED, for 70 points.) listened to some prado too. but not many people around.

more scrabble gloating: the first official session of my swat scrabble club (which could use a name) went down thursday night, with four games going simultaneously and perhaps 12 people overall. suzanne found some hot competition in chris white (i'll have to take at least one of them on next week), while i drew remarkably good tiles to score in the 360s in two games (the second was a three-player game, too, but they let me get away with BLARNIES* and challenged UNTHinK, which turned out to be good.) if this [scrabbling] continues, i can only imagine what will happen. later that night, i watched a silly japanese movie with rob, gerritt, and karl, which kept me up past my bedtime.

yesterday was also nice. i started out with few plans, and ended up doing some things anyway. sold my metronome in french; completed at least half of the friday nyt x-word in kohlberg with nori, who was good to hang with. she broke her foot, and i did her a favor.

i must have missed a package slip earlier in the week, and that allowed a lot to accumulate: hardbound bach textbook, two clean-looking paperbacks by breton, and a meticulously packaged - crepe paper, bubblewrap, packing tape, and a snug cardboard box - book on d&s from phaidon press (all from half, and all great deals.) also; the new dälek disc, a worthless 7", and most excitingly the not-yet-released album from cex, which is completely awesome.

joel proposed an afternoon in the city, so i found myself back on south street, checking out the musical pawn shop, and the usual stores. Rather than a Heatmiser LP or the "I Am a Tree" 7", I just ended up, predictably, with four selections from the cat-pee-smelling back room of the book trader, for just under $20 - one bowie, one cohen, two cooder. also, an independent, which gave me and joel something to do after running back up to market east just in time for the 6:15 train, which was of course 20 minutes late.

more searching for adventure, after just making it to sharples on time for unappetizing dinner, brought me to 'srn, where ben pilfered nelly and linda thompson and i preserved slum village and the drive-by truckers; the remains of asian buffet and a lot of cex jokes on parrish first. we found the co-mo lovelies in dana, and drank up with them for a half-hour before they asked us to leave, albeit ben had bought the booze and i had been, i thought, implicitly invited that afternoon. too bad, because i was being boisterous and having fun.

we tried brigid and cronies and their game of cranium, but all we could do was mime earthquakes in the corner. finally, we went to the basement, where a gang of freshmen were preparing to watch goldfinger. they invited us to join and share their popcorn and butterfly chair, and there was a lot of enjoyable banter at/with/about the movie as it unfolded its mostly trivial plot, nearly unrecognizable connery, awful puns, and interesting sexual/sexist attitude. a good time. i clearly haven't seen enough james bond films (just this and tomorrow never dies, which still has the best title ever), as i couldn't even come up with DRNO as "007 foe" in nori's crossword.

for a nonstellar weekend, this one is turning out to be pretty good. hopefully tango and olde club tonight will be fun. maybe dinner soon.

how can a girl have sex
with these pathetic teenage wrecks?