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Sunday, October 27

ohhhh, man. time goes too quick. i'm just gonna do up these last few days fast if i can, because i've been remembering all of this stuff that i need to get done today, in order to avoid being delinquent. and nobody wants that.

thursday there was a good long band practice, and scrabble (me v. ester) and roaming with rose, and radio with hannah (see below). and i got a new id card, and went to class and stuff. i didn't clean my room so much as i intended to.

wednesday night i dreamed about organizing a big hiking trip, with all kinds of family and people from here, and also something about a naked string quartet. i dreamed about bacon thursday night, but in the morning they didn't even have those eggy croissant things. okay, well after class i helped with the last three clues of nori's crossword. and later on ben came over and we listened to music for the party he djed that night. hannah called and therefore we walked to goodwill. i tried to assemble a halloween outfit (based on audrey, the previous night, saying i should be buddy holly as we sat on the parrish steps) and got as far as a striking plaid blazer and a neat pair of brown pants. but i think i left my belt there by mistake. damn, i love that belt like a son. maybe i can go buy it back from them.

see, this is what i mean about time going too quick. when i returned it was 4:30, no time to clean my room because i decided to dash out to an artist's lecture; sana something showing slides of her cool ceramic work and telling incredible stories of travel to tiny african villages and other places where ceramics is practiced worldwide, and where here hair was a source of fascination. then i got in a load of laundry before dinner, assassin's party, and olivia's recital. activity, activity, a night of activity.

next up, after again too no time here (except to march to tarble with my technics for b-dawg and wonder what one would be like in a marching band): drag king show, which featured performances to prince, the cure, the pixies, the smiths, and of x (including my favorite, "yr phone's off the hook but yr not," done with bass and duo vocals.) otherwise, the show was frequently amateurish but frequently entertaining.

party downstairs was kicking from the beginning. ben, flying solo, had it all handily in hand. let him tell you what he played. i liked especially: "debra," "girls and boys," "are you that somebody." as several people have pointed out there were a lot of couples there, and i got to dance in some of them. partying with felicia, ester and gang, hannah when i could find her, audrey and tiffany, laura, alyssa and joel, etc. h and i left in the middle to try to see the olde club show, but it was mostly done by then, unfortunately. a funny walk home with many stops to chat meant i was too late to beckon hannah by shuttle, but that's okay.

yesterday was fun, involved a lot of walking (though we didn't go on the hike, which as it turned out was a shame because the weather was terrific after all) and not work (though i did a spot of room-cleaning.) after brunch we went to the friends meetinghouse jumble sale. no clothing for sale (they donate it), but hannah bought a bunch of books and took free natgeos, and i got a stack of records, for a nickel each. they had all the dreck you'd expect - doris day, al hirt, cheesy lounge and worse - and i bought some of that (herb alpert and the "breakfast at tiffany's" sdtrk) - but also some misplaced indie/punk, some of which had belonged to wsrn at some point - i took a couple 7"s, a Mission of Burma EP, a Superchunk LP (which i'll give back to the station), and a pristine Don Caballero 2xLP. but my best finds were an MGM Command ripoff called Spectacular Percussion, whose cover shows a neverending field of technicolor tympani, and an early John Lee Hooker album, beat-up jacket but record in fine shape, which a collector-guy named Art told me was worth $400.

we made the pressured decision to go into the city earlier than planned - the 2:27, which allowed us an hour or two to search center city's dollar stores, cheap-clothing-outlets, thrift shops, and kbtoys and k-mart, all fruitlessly, for rubber snakes, plastic hornrims, and goofy bowties. what is the world coming to? it should not be this hard to find a rubber snake.

samosa's was closed, and we found ourselves without time for proper food, just buttery popcorn as we flumped down with our tired feet to watch "punch-drunk love." um, movie? sorry, ester, i should have known better. i guess p.t. anderson is just too artsy for me. i don't think it was a bad movie, exactly, it just lacked a point. except the message that, with all of the "modern things," it's possible to do some weird stuff (everything in the film is possible, it's just unlikely.) i enjoyed adam sandler, actually; as predicted, he plays his usual role, but is more understated. cousin philip and emily watson, as gorgeous as she is, don't get nearly enough screen time to save the movie - according to the filmbill she was supposed to try some new acting techniques, but as it was i barely got a cohesive sense of her character. i did really like the abstract color images that popped up from time to time.

anyway. then we walked south and met our buddies on the corner. it took a while to find the "club" we were supposed to play. it turned out to be a room upstairs in a pizzeria uno (hence the name dos), with no outside indication of its existence. but a nice enough room, with a nice drumkit and all of our gear there. after soundchecking and pizza, we figured it was time to start, even though there weren't any more people there than the four (hannah, elena, bobby b, sarah w) who had been there all along.) when we actually began there was a small crowd of hipsters (presumably the other bands and their girlfriends) who good-naturedly clapped for us. i thought we played pretty well, though with some stupid screw-ups which we covered well enough. it sounded different in that context though. i didn't feel like my drumming had the power it does when we play in olde club. i don't know if that was the kit or the room. but it was fun to play anyway.

the band stayed to see our friends pattern is movement, i took off with the groupies so as to prepare for the ml halloween party. i ended up wearing my newish lacy white shirt with the jacket, plus my black bowtie, and gelling my hair combed back with a prominent cowlick curl affixed to my forehead, so that, in combination with my glasses, i was somewhere between bill haley and buddy holly. hannah's guitar completed the outfit, as i played "not fade away," "peggy sue," "everyday," and "like dylan in the movies" in her room while she cut out paper snakes, but she wouldn't let me take it to the party.

finally we were ready - she looked fantastic as medusa, with a green velvet dress and a headful of asian-eyed snakes. with my mind (and often my hands) on my posterior, i successfully navigated the party - no sign of my target, and no indication of an attacker. apparently a lot of players met their fate, including rabi, who by the time i saw her had lost most of her magician-ish costume. mark was cheery as ever, as a "demon-slayer" (apparently they have white hair), and well-hidden armor. i found surprisingly few friends at the party (maybe scared off by the game?), so we only stayed maybe an hour. i encouraged djs flurie and b.c., who were doing a fine job considering how flustered they were. i drank three drinks immediately in a row, and didn't feel a thing from them. costumes were less exciting this year (at least when i was there, 12:00-1:00), also it was too dark to see most of them.

i want very dearly to tell you all about my trip to iceland. that's what those empty posts with just the lyrics on them are for. but i am so laden with tasks to accomplish. we'll see, maybe i can do some of it later today. hopefully at least before they all disappear from the main page.

here's something funny: i got an e-mail from amy meek, who points out that Cex links to reminced on his site (saying "it's not difficult to get a boner for [me]", no less). not a permalink though.

love, ross.

she's just your size
she's sexy
she's beautiful

does she talk?