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Friday, December 12

oh golly, i hope i'm not a too superbad student for copping out of my curr.project tonight in favor of momentary calm and sleep and maybe even studying for arch.test tomorrow and surely substantial increase in its eventual quality. it's due tomorrow, but i've just spent some fraction of the wit and exertion it would have taken to do crafting a e-missive to my dear teacher asking if[/informing] i can do it for tuesday instead. 'cause i'll be watching buildings and movies tomorrow! and i can't work this weekend, i'll be entertaining! well, i'm in such a nice punchy writing mode at the moment, writing all these cute little e-mails so i thought i'd share some with you 'n posterity here.

these have been big, full days, natch, but the week, such as it is (everyday [i wake up and] it really is sunday, meaning each night is saturday - even doing big work is really a weekend activity, you know), started with some unexpected free time. remember there was all that snow, last real weekend? i was supposed to go to boston (crammed in, as par for the season, between brunch with becca's fam and some final terphearsing) for carla and josh's wedding, but first one then two planes were cancelled, and as the snow kept falling on beantown attempting the trip (by overnite, which became the only option) seemed increasingly foolhardy and nonsensible.

besides being the right decision, staying behind allowed me some great times here. i should have posted then, with some of that time, but i was so much enjoying dillydallying, noshing, and the like. rather than fly (i do regret not being able to redeem my coupons for free inflight drinks) i didn't leave the flat once on saturday: we had massive thai (er, indochinoise?) takeout for dinner, joined by benster and later ian+rose/kat+elis for politalk with ennens, apples to apples, and original old arrack (mmm.)

i did finally leave (after midnight?) to go to the multi "block" paces party, which turned out to be possibly the best non-me party of the semester, with impeccable hip-hop djing, a most favorable gender ratio, and just awesome dancing all around [honest-to-goodness h.c.g.d.a.] plus funny drunk boys [semi-]mock-worshipping me and my ex-d.b. shirt. also that night, my new cd changer, exactly like its predecessor, inexplicably stopped working.

sunday was largely consumed by java joe's and goodwill. [man, today was totally a sunday too. it was like this: 7 sunday 8 friday 9 friday 10 saturday 11 sunday 12 friday 13 saturday 14 sunday] i remembered about the soul position concert in time, but it was no good because the concert itself wasn't in time (in true r5 fashion; we should have known.) after ben [who by the way recently posted these fantastic photos from my apartment this summer] and i had exhausted the late-sunday entertainment potential of chestnut street (hot wawa cocoa; the new missy at tower) and the concert still wasn't well enough along, we decided to give up and head instead to a friendster party at a gay bar near spruce. which turned out to be a lot more fun than i'd have anticipated. i met the renowned chy spain. and my drink glowed.

oh yeah, and then i went to lpac and had bangin' tap rehearsal and went to a few seconds of the adb cast party, and then home and wrote a bangin' architecture paper from about 1am to 10am, taking a bit of a nap after watching the sunrise. damn, did it really take that long to write? well, ten pages, and it came out better than i had intended. i found myself writing about baudrillard, which was definitely not in the gameplan.

so, finished that beautifully on time (as always, it seems - i arrive at the end of the page limit the minute before the deadline) and the rest of the "week" was freed up (well, besides classes) to work on 1. the party and 2. the tap piece. and both got worked on and turned out spectacularly and shall i just get over myself already?

hm hm, well, the party music you know about, but the really notable thing was the food, which was preposterously plentiful thanks to the magnanimity of sharples' meal number trading post and a bevy of contributing bakers. genevieve's addictive banana cake was best, but there were also some pretty uncredible popcorn balls. and about seven gallons of cider, as well as andre's punch. personally, i think the purchase that truly made the party was a $1 bag of 40 stick-on ribbon bows, which got affixed to speakers, windows, hair, shirts, olde club's walls, wrapping-papered poles, &c. behind the rainbow mylar curtains (which cut me every time i walked through them) upstairs was dizzyingly lit with colored bulbs, most of which are currently instigating a permanent party in our front porch.

not sure what next to write about, except that this time of year is characterised by a gazillion performances on campus, and i think the present season has seen some especially fine ones. senco's albee more than fulfilled its potential, and managed to truly surprise me even though i'd seen it two weeks prior. as becca might say, that's some acting there. same goes for the fish plays, which i saw half again tonight. congratulations to all involved. makes me mighty proud of my roommate. and my, well, whatever kat and adam are to me [& sam & heather & audrey and so forth.] dancewise, the student concert had some lovely moments (esp. modern rep) and the first kathak i've ever actually enjoyed. i caught the start of the comp1 show, which was lot of fun; and i didn't see all of terpsichore, but i'm pretty confident our piece was best [wink].

and now, i really ought to sleep, huh?

kiss me now that i'm older
i won't try to control you