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Friday, November 10

somebody to make a mixtape for (i wish i had)

because then i'd have something to do with the song in my heart.

what a day, the sky thursday unbearably unwearably blue, like my bike and my helmet and the ties of the partisan pundits on election night cnn. i lay down on my back in the liberty lands grass and looked up at it and thought: "maybe i should be less goal-oriented."

(two happy babies approached each other across the park in strollers, met, and continued on.)

all day i ate discretely: 1 banana, 2 an apple (macintosh, local, from iovine's yesterday), 3 a cookie (double-chocolate peanut-butter-chip, from brown betty where they won't hire me now, too bad because i like it there, delicious), 4 a spinach knish from kaplan's (the woman behind the counter is going to stay single for as long as she can) that i ate in the park. later on, a 5 quick slice of marbled rye toast with fontina and granny smith, both from almanac (the ginger in dark chocolate bars are as overpriced as everything else, but look worth it; kristallnacht and also the day the berlin wall fell, the sandwichboard says on the sidewalk.) and - eventually - (6, 7) - leftovers from the junkfood mecca that was the just-dismantled philly moveon office, and a half-price on thursdays burger at sugar mom's nextdoor.

so the story that tells is i was tootling around northern liberties this unseasonable afternoon in just a t-shirt. i was feeling the development. in the positive way - beyond the intellectual fact of it, and not so much that i like the aesthetic or the dvpmt itself, but the establishments are good and it seems like a good place to be. liberties walk they fixed my bike (at trophy, "pop shop [?] for the urban cyclist") and there's a restaurant i want to check out (hm, disappointed pw review, but at least it's cheapy.) (make that two with franz har har ferdinand.)

on that note, matthew (my inferior neighbor) and i went (back) to north bowl on monday, basically to check out/support my new deejay acquaintance mr. bilwa (we shared turntable responsibilities, and turntables, at lava on saturday) and his partner travis the 'head'. but ended up digging the joint too, more than expected. not sure i'm all the way down with that plastic retro (seems to be the now vibe of nolibs) but i can contingently embrace it. helps when i can feel okay paying for only a single game after shoe rental (and just starting to remember a bit about the sport towards the end of ten frames), and the tomato bisque 'n' grilled cheese "bites" plate isn't too skimpy for the money neither. you could say the place is lacking a dancefloor, but i'd prefer to imagine the whole expanse of the dozen or so glistening lanes as a huge shiny potential dancing space that they'll never have the party big enough to fill (just imagine it though!) besides, y'always gotta do yr little dance after you release yr ball.

it seemed preposterous that i would read all of circe (read: the 150-pp. hallicinatory stageplay episode 15 in ulysses) and make a two-day marathon of moveon calls and go bowling. but i guess not since i did it all in fine style, and by wednesday noon i'd successfully finished the chapter for class and "delivered" (or how you wanna say) a democrat(ic?) congress for the country. (okay, i had some help from the electorate and whatnot.) i did skip my yoga class though. wasn't gonna, either, but as i explained to tara-not-that-tara (that one was in delahellaware, being bored and not voting), i was just having so much fun, calling last-minute didja-voters in NJ-OH-PA-NY-MT-WA. i think reb and i were the last ones still calling, dialing in our data to the hotline as we watched the results come in and the party started. low-key party. pizza and beer in this guy's apartment (on the 26th floor, with a harp and a cat) and many many happy returns (!), which we cheered, but tamely.

but it's been a celebratory couple of days since then anyway. beautiful all-rain wednesday (fitting prelude to today), made the shocks of color of campus foliage all the more vivid (those peach-green mottled conifers along the lpac walk.) my favorite thing about the election, as i keep saying, is how smoothly it seemed to go - in contrast to the inconclusive, corrupted, shady muddle it was so easy to fear. see, this turning-of-the-tide is all about the triumph of hope over fear. hurrah to hope! i'll presumably return to my regularly-scheduled political indifference in a few days or weeks, but really this seems like a bad time to be indifferent, so maybe we'll see. if you ever catch me actually blogging about politix, you'll know something's up.

so that's that (at least that part of that is) and after that to-do the idea is to do some other stuff so here's more

to do:
•visit erika at latte lounge and talk to the owner about making scones for her.
•buy (ebay) a (kitchen) mixer and headphones (my supposedly birthday presents).
•label or somehow decorate (or not) the dj demo cd, if that is going to be my dj demo cd, and figure out where to shop it around, and do so.
•get with liza on planning mascher party (saturday 2 dec - we need a name!)
•work on electrosoulpopwhatever pt. 1, and/or late nineties mix.
•find something to do about the way more pop and soul cds than will fit on my shelves
eumaeus, ithaca, penelope, of course.
marie, borat, old joy
•get $ from joe; get futureheads from harris. (also: cherry peel from erika.)
•visit the pma, the edgar allen poe house, the beautiful world syndicate.
•get my cd player fixed, sometime when i'm out of town.
•make a resumé? (download open-office; set up printer)
•get a job, right?
•think about emp proposal

[conspicuously absent from list: uphold three-year pattern/tradition of starting a new romantic relationship in the month of november.]

potential issue: bobby got offered a job on the tom vilsack presidential campaign, which means he might be relocating to des moines in the very near future, in which case i very much want to visit him in san francisco before that happens. which will be easy in one way at least (free round-trip ticket voucher!) but difficult scheduling-wise, what with thanksgiving in rochester, mascher party moved up to the following weekend, and wanting to stay in philly next weekend (ang's birthday for one thing, and kate whom i miss.) will have to figure that out. (and hopefully a trip could also include joining msr on the air and sidetripping to la for aud+rae.) and if that happens, plus what with txg in roch, etc., how am i supposed to think about getting a job for the immediate present?

(maybe i should be less goal-oriented.)

oh, before i forget: you can see me in my hallowe'en costume (and hear me talk about it) in this video of critical mass. i have since trimmed my beard and moustache.

[i had wanted to do some kind of pre-halloween post using the title "toussaint l'overture." but i didn't get to it. so hopefully i'll still remember that joke by next year and you wont.]

i bet you think that's pretty clever
don't you boy

Hi Ross, come here and get in touch with me this weekend, maybe we can have brunch or something? The managing editor here reminds me a little bit of you, but only slightly and in a way that took me a long time to figure out. Miss you.
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