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Friday, January 26

there's no "i can't" in cROiSSant


or how about: can anybody figure out the joke that can be made using the hitherto unnoticed correspondance between "Pecos Bill" and "PECO bills"?

i was going to post the li'l podcasty mix i made today here to make up for having written a lot lately over at mincetapes and not anything here lately. then i decided that was silly because it's precisely what mincetapes is all about. but i just decided to put it here too, because i know some of you don't like to go over there, and i sort of made it with you guys in mind. (instead of those elitist, too-hip-for-their-own-good readers of the other blog.)

here it is:

i'll let you press the play button yourself (it's under the middle screw if you can't find it.) but you'll have to go there to see the track list. it's all 1960s pop songs about winter, except for the songs that aren't. a little under 25 minutes.

in other non-music, non-winter-related news, i had an absolutely lovely time driving to swathmore through an intense, unanticipated snowstorm last night with matthew, gabe, tara, and heidi, watching/listening to the phenomal and adorable camera obscura (and sultry la laque) and having a snowball fight afterwards.

ever since rebecca said something about the light in television and especially computer screens making it hard to get to sleep after staring at them because it's so bright it keeps your mind awake for a long while afterwards, i've had this subtle paranoia about them, like that some sinister force inside the screen is covertly sucking away my life-force. which, you know, they sort of do metaphorically too. (and they keep sucking me in.)

however i don't think that's really why i had such a hard time getting to sleep the other night, considering i went to bed at 8 and started watchin sweet and lowdown and fell asleep half an hour in. but i woke up again at ten-something and then was unable to get back to sleep again until maybe two hours before i finally got up at 4:30, to go to work. (!) i think my favorite part was walking (half-crutching) the 1.4 mi to the bakery that early in the morning. not to say the rest was not good - i think i'll wait and talk about that later - but i did really like that part.

still with the sun destroyers words:

nation of mine, nation of mine
you are so big and powerful, but it's just a matter of time

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