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Sunday, February 11

the fake weekend is real again

see, ben likes it when i'm ridiculous.

odd thing, i blothered with rebecca and later, helpfully, counseled with millie on monday about, partly, not doing things, you might say, spontaneously and radically (more the latter i guess.) but hey look! yesterday, as you can see ,i spontaneously and radically got new glasses. really so. until the moment i set foot in the store, i had absolutely no premonition that i was going to get glasses that day. i did spend a while trying to pick out frames - my goal was to get something bold and remarkable that would be different from my other pair, but i ended up getting some that are extremely similar to my old glasses (which were broken in the accident), just slightly more uniform in their thickness and emphatically stripey in their tortoise (which is the only aspect i don't really like.) tried to go for some color (green or red, blue's no good) but i couldn't do it and/or they didn't have what i would have needed.

wait, let's count - that's one. 2. also radically and spontaneously changed my order to sesame and lemon mock chicken at cherry st. veg - that was a bad choice, but then i wasn't the one who decided to eat there. (jason ordered "feathered knishes," which is not something i would have ever thought to think of in conjunction with veg chinese, if at all.)

2.5) also radically and spontaneously happened to see martha when i was at laura and caitlin and dave's yesterday. that made twice in as many days after friday, when we watched high school musical instead of dreamgirls. i'm gonna have a hard time feeling like that was a wrong decision, because hsm is wow great good, even better than the part of me that was expecting to love it expected. still a little confused about how a made-for-even-disney-tv movie became teh phenomenon, but ok. i'm gonna say not b/c talent will out.

for real 3) all thursday tara and i radically and fairly spontaneously began not so much just restructuring my apartment as transmogrifying it. a process that involves furniture and cleanliness. and, like all good things in life, lots and lots of cds in piles all over the place. it's getting less spontaneous as it lulls (no, just waits patiently whilst i run about town in the bikebreaking cold), but no less radical, no sir. oh man, it is so radical. and it's not finished yet!

it might be truer than i even think that i've managed to 4) spontaneously, certainly, and radically cut back on my internet abusage since two weeks or so ago when i verbalized, seriously albeit jokingly, that it had become something like addiction. still suffer some blog guilt, but that's going too. on the other hand, worklife, apartmentlife and other things have also helped by forcibly intervening.

so now, what do i do instead of (just) compulsively internetting (and for the nonce cleaning/straightening) when i get home? after work for instance. well, for one thing, i lie on the floor, when i get home from work, especially now that i am just getting readjusted to the strain and drain of it. but for the most part, after baking all day at work, i find myself playing around in the kitchen. which makes me think that i must really like doing things with food.

[eta: but! i'm not gearing up for a career in food service, but rather for being a stay-at-home and making dinner for my future spouse(s).]

hmm, i just now spontaneously and fairly radically made a cheese sauce to put on asparagus and rice. hey, cheese sauce is really easy, and tastes good. asparagus was 99¢ and tastes like it, but okay.

that's five, but i must say that it's been less satisfying than it should/could be this week to make food experiments and to transmogrify the apartment. that's because my new-minted roommate has indeed evidently very spontaneously and radically - and uncharacteristically - disappeared, without advance or subsequent notice - i haven't seen him since last sunday night, and it wasn't until tuesday that he cryptically texted me, or thursday morning that i got his e-mail saying he'd be back this tuesday, but still not explaining where he was or why... this after all of two nights actually staying together in the apartment.

so that's been a little mystery. (i dreamed he came back and had been on a fishing trip.) i guess i'll let you know what happens.

by the way, i wrote about the akron/family and jonathan richman and david byrne concerts i went to this weekend and last here, so dig that.

there's a lot i want to write about on mincetapes these days - jazz (and electronica), reggae (and soul), soul (and the ny times), keith urban (and being a teenage girl) - and i may or may not catch with all of it before the flurry of valentimes posts that i just realized i ought to do as well. that may or may not depend on whether i try to go to the lily allen concert tomorrow night, which will be somewhat spontaneous and radical if i do it. (do you think this is an annoying structuring device? i do!)

i feel nice about valentimes being this week - even though i didn't get to make crafty cards with rebecca yesterday (neither did she), and even if this party isn't happening again this year, which it looks like it may not, which would be a shame. it was some memorable fun last time. look, you can tell me by my shoes (tho even better is the one with me and the paper bags):

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

[eta: since i am now an avatar of elemental love, i'm not responsible for actually propagating love in the puny form of valentines cards, or for having an actual valentine. feel the ross of love and the love of ross.]

emptiness in computers bothers me

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