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Tuesday, November 13

ninety-nine and a half (will do)

it was a year ago today that i was on my way to have some dinner and see a concert with some friends when i got into a little trouble with a possibly defective car and ended up spending the night in the ER, a couple days at alyssa's apartment, a couple weeks at home, and two months or so off of my right foot...

am i 99.5% recovered? or more, or less? how are you supposed to measure these things, anyway? i'll never be 100% back to normal (is anyone ever?) - it's not unreasonable to think i'll progress somewhat closer to that abstract ideal, in a matter of years - but for all intents here i am, good as i'll get and not too shabbily. a kind of key moment came a week and a half ago, when i had an evening of the most athletic, passionate, inventive social dancing i've done in ages - and i didn't once think about my ankle or feel limited by my ability to bend it. there were definitely points when i've doubted whether that would ever happen again.

i still feel it - not pain, per se, but a dull ache and a discomforting tightness that i think i'll be able to knead out and never can - i seem to notice it especially when the weather changes, or maybe it's just at certain humidity levels; anyhow more often than usual this time of year. the swing dancing i've been doing seems to exacerbate it a tad - though that may just be the opening blues lessons, always starting by shifting weight to the left foot, but usually they have a few more words to say first and you're already in the stance, so you end up holding your right calf in tension for an inordinate amount of time.

but this is quibbling. i'm better. this is of course the month to be writing my liner-note acknowledgments to the world, and so like any good rapper i better start out by thanking G-O-D!, the entity upstairs, my dawg, good lookin' out, i am so grateful you helped me get thru this thing naw but f'real, i'm feeling you, healing this annamayakosha knowhati'msayin', reeling in the prana flowin' so tight, sealing in the practice and permeating my vital air sheath, the information radiating out from my cells, sailing the sea of qi; the connectivity among all things. the internet is love.

armistice day
armistice day
that's all i really wanted to say

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This is my first time at your blog and I gotta say: I love it. Keep it up and I'm gonna bookmark it. :-) BTW, I hope you have a speedy and healthy recovery!
i don't know WHERE you came up with that last sentence, but i laugh each time i read it.

also, oddly, mark and i passed broadway and 12th on wednesday evening, the 13th, and i mentioned the accident, not realizing that it was almost exactly a year before.
it's an extension of the internet being god, which was a concept that came up in discussion with rebecca and her roommates recently. or did you mean the other last sentence?
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